Transsib Tickets FAQ

How can I order tickets?

Always order your tickets in writing to minimise the potential for misunderstandings. You can easily send your order to us by email or by fax.

Please be sure to note the following information in your order:

  • chosen stretch (e.g. Moscow - Irkutsk)
  • date of departure
  • train number (if available)
  • carriage class (1st, 2nd or 3rd class)

and additionally for each person who is travelling, please note:

  • surname and first name (as it appears on their passport)
  • date of birth
  • passport number and expiry date
  • nationality.

For us to place your order for tickets for international lines, you will also need to provide us with:

  • a photocopy of the passports.

This is absolutely necessary for us to carry out the booking.

Before booking your tickets, we would urge you to check that your passport contains enough blank pages to take the required visas: at least one blank page is required for each visa. The Russian visa will require 2 pages next to each other. Please also make sure that your passport is valid for at least another 6 months after the departure date stated in the visa application.

Please make sure you have read the important information about our booking procedure.


How far in advance can tickets be booked?

The earliest date on which tickets for lines departing from within Russia can be bought is 45 days before the proposed date of travel. For lines departing from Ulan Bator and for lines travelling within China, the earliest that tickets can be booked is 30 days in advance. Earlier reservations are not possible.

We will however take your order earlier - tickets will then be purchased on your behalf as soon as they become available.

Because each train operator aims to fill every train for the entirety of its journey, tickets for partial journeys are not sold gladly. For this reason, tickets for partial journeys are only available for purchase 48 hours prior to departure. This can be particularly problematic in the Summer season (June, July and August) when tickets are in high demand. For example: tickets for the stretch that runs Irkuck to Ulan Bator for train # 6 which departs from Moscow may become near impossible to obtain. In such cases, we can only recommend to choose a different train for this part of the journey.

Please make sure you have read the important information about our booking procedure.


What is the latest I can book tickets?

We will accept bookings no later than 5 working days before the proposed date of departure. The latest we will accept bookings for travel on Saturday or Sunday is the Monday before. Bookings for travel on a Friday must be received by the Friday before.


  • for the most popular stretches
  • for the Summer season (for dates of travel in May, June, July and August)
  • for 1st class cabins

should be booked at least 50 days in advance.

Tickets for 1st class carriages are the first to sell out. 2nd and 3rd class tickets in contrast are often still available as late as 1 week before the date of travel. However, for travel in the Summer period (from the end of May until the end of August) tickets for all three classes are often completely sold out for 3 weeks in advance.

Should you find yourself making a relatively last minute booking, we would advise you to indicate several alternative options in your booking request. It is worth considering, for example:

  • if you are willing to take places in different compartments or even different carriages,
  • if instead of booking places in a 1st class cabin, you would be happy to book up a whole compartment in a 2nd class cabin,
  • if you can travel on different dates,
  • and finally, what your main priority is.

We ask you to let us know these things when you send us a booking enquiry. This will save time and enable us to get back to you straight away with answers instead of questions. The more precise the options you give us, the more quickly and efficiently we will be able to sort things out for you. Please therefore state precise alternative travel dates or other options for travel in your booking request. For example:

"If places in one compartment are booked out, please book places for us in different compartments or even in different carriages (no more than 3 carriages should separate us). Should this also not be possible, we could travel 1 day earlier or up to 3 days later."

Please make sure you have read the important information about our booking procedure.


How will I get my tickets?

Pick up the tickets locally and free of extra charge from one of our partners en route.

The tickets will be held for you at one of our partner organsations. If you choose this option, you will receive a booking confirmation slip with the address and telephone number of our partner organisation and directions to help you find their office. Tickets can be collected in Moscow, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Ulan Bator and Beijing. Our partner organisations have offices both in the major town centres and in out of town locations.

Free delivery to an address en route

We will gladly send your tickets to a chosen address in any of the cities listed above. This could be a train station, a private address or a hotel. This option is also free of charge. To do this, we need to have the name and surname of the proposed recipient along with their telephone number. You need to be sure that you will be able to meet with this person during the course of your journey.

Mail order to Germany

Tickets can be sent to an address in Germany or in another country, by courier. It is also possible to send tickets within Russia, Mongolia and China. Prices available on request.

Mail order to Germany:
(one off charge)

 from Moscow:  48 EUR
 from Irkutsk:
 52 EUR
 from Ulan Bator:  39 EUR
 from Beijing:  52 EUR

Please make sure you have read the important information about our booking procedure.


Does the ticket price depend on the train number?

Yes. Prices for the same leg of the journey can vary between trains. The general rule is as follows: the smaller the train number, the better the train and the more expensive the ticket. A "better" train:

  • travels faster, because it stops at fewer stations and does so for a shorter period of time.
  • is more modern, a bit cleaner, and has newer and more attractive fittings.

Trains of the Trans-Siberian Railway


Does the price of the tickets depend on the direction of travel?

Yes. A ticket to travel from Moscow to Ulan Bator is issued in Moscow and can on account of this be more expensive than a ticket to travel from Ulan Bator to Moscow, which will have been issued in Ulan Bator. It can therefore be worth while to compare the prices of the different directions and to plan your trip accordingly. The difference in price is due to the different taxes and pricing systems in each country.


What does a ticket for the Transsib look like?

The following information is displayed on each ticket:

  • route to be travelled
  • departure date and time (for Russian towns, this will always be shown in Moscow time)
  • date and time of arrival (for Russian towns, this will always be shown in Moscow time)
  • name and passport number
  • price class
  • train number, carriage number and berth number

Ticket examples:

Ticket from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator

Ticket from Irkutsk to Moscow

Ticket from Ulan Bator to Moscow

Please make sure you have read the important information about our booking procedure.


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