Highlights of a journey on the Transsib

On a trip with the Transsib, you will have the chance to see, Moscow, Ulan Bator and Beijing - the capital cities of three of world’s biggest and most fascinating countries. As a breathtakingly beautiful and ever changing landscape rolls past the train window you can capture the moment in your photographs and make memories that will last a lifetime.

A stay on Lake Baikal is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a trip on the Transsib. Ramblers and nature lovers flock to lake, one of the most dazzling jewels in Siberia’s crown. A short stay by Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake, offers an excellent chance to relax and recuperate after the three days travelling. Along the way, a stop over in Irkutsk (a distance of 70 km from Lake Baikal) or Ulan Ude (150 km away) also comes heartily recommended. If you choose to take the route that runs from Baikal to Amur, you will alight at Severobaikalsk to the north of Lake Baikal. An excursion to Olkhon Island, which lies 300 km from Irkutsk, is certainly worth while. A long trip admittedly, but one which you will not regret, rewarded as you will be with the island’s unforgettable atmosphere, the chance to meet its friendly inhabitants and wonderful views of a fantastic landscape.

If you choose to travel on the Trans-Mongolian railway, it is well worth stepping out at Ulan Bator and from there setting out to explore Mongolia, the captivating land you will find yourself in. Here you will have the chance to take a trip to Karakorum - the ancient first capital city of Mongolia, to the Mongolian grasslands or to the famous Gobi Desert. An all inclusive overnight stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt in the Gobi’s unique landscape, is one of the most fabulous experiences a trip on the Transsib has to offer.

On the journey through Manchuria, there is the opportunity to alight in one of the million-strong cities: Harbin, Changchun or Shenyang. Travelling so close to the Chinese capital, the chance to visit the world renowned Great Wall of China is not to be missed and can be combined with a tour of the Ming Dynasty Tombs. From Beijing an array of exciting cities can be comfortably reached by air or rail: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chengdu all await you, as does Xi'an - formerly the starting point of the Silk Road, today China’s cultural capital and a convenient point of departure for tours of the world famous Terracotta Army.

If you choose the historic route to Vladivostok for your trip on the Transib, you will be able to take in one of the most scenic stretches of the Trans-Siberian route - that which runs from Irkutsk to Khabarovsk. This leg of the journey takes you alongside Lake Baikal, enthralling views of which can be seen from the train window for around 100 km. As you continue towards Vladivostok, the numerous twists and turns of the journey and the rolling landscape make for great photographs when captured on camera from the cabin window.

It is possible to tailor make your trip according to how much time you have at your disposal and to plan it independently from other set schedules, to ensure that you pass through the most beautiful stretches of the journey by day. It is definitely worth following your journey route of choice from start to finish.This way you will be sure not to miss important highlights, such as the longest bridges, which are in some cases as long as 2.6 km.

Noteworthy cities and their distance Moscow:

Moscow the Russian capital 0 km 
Perm the first million-strong city before the Urals 1.397 km 
Yekaterinburg a Siberian university town 1.778 km 
Omsk Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s place of exile 2.676 km 
Novosibirsk the ‘capital’ of Siberia 3.303 km 
Krasnoyarsk beautifully situated on Yenisei 4.065 km 
Irkutsk famous for its wood architecture 5.153 km 
Ulan-Ude capital of the Republic of Buryatia 5.609 km 
Chita the place of exile of many of the Decembrists 6.166 km 
Khabarovsk an important trade centre in the Far East 8.534 km 
Vladivostok the most important Russian port on the Pacific 9.259 km 
Ulan Bator the Mongolian capital 6.266 km 
Beijing the Chinese capital 7.622 km 


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