Noteworthy cities and their distance Moscow

Moscow the Russian capital 0 km 
Perm the first million-strong city before the Urals 1.397 km 
Yekaterinburg a Siberian university town 1.778 km 
Omsk Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s place of exile 2.676 km 
Novosibirsk the ‘capital’ of Siberia 3.303 km 
Krasnoyarsk beautifully situated on Yenisei 4.065 km 
Irkutsk famous for its wood architecture 5.153 km 
Ulan-Ude capital of the Republic of Buryatia 5.609 km 
Chita the place of exile of many of the Decembrists 6.166 km 
Khabarovsk an important trade centre in the Far East 8.534 km 
Vladivostok the most important Russian port on the Pacific 9.259 km 
Ulan Bator the Mongolian capital 6.266 km 
Beijing the Chinese capital 7.622 km 


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